Worms, Ticks and Fleas

We can advise on the best products and routines to keep your pet healthy, happy and free from pests.

It is important to worm your cats and dogs regularly, both for their health and for that of the humans they come into contact with.

We also advise that you treat for fleas and other external parasites because of our changing climate and centrally heated houses, these are often a year-round problem.

Luckily in both cats and dogs we have products that can cover all the parasites found in the UK and which can be easily administered.

We recommend treat your dog once monthly to treat virtually all internal and external parasites, and then separate tablets once every three months to treat tapeworm. This combination will give your dog full protection.

In cats, treatment with spot-on once a month will take care of all the internal and external cat parasites found in the UK.

In both cats and dogs, we need to be sure that we have an up-to-date weight and that they have been checked over by the vet within the last year. If not, we may need to see your pet to weigh them or give them the once-over.

If you are a member of our Pet Health Plan then your routine flea and worm treatments will be covered and you can pick them up every three months without having to pay anything on collection.

The Health Plan helps spread the cost, can save you up to 40% on your routine preventative health care and save you money on many other services and food.