Puppy Pre-School

It is crucial that puppies are socialised from an early age, and our puppy pre-school is a fun way for them to meet other dogs.

Sadly, due to Covid, we have had to postpone the start of the next puppy pre-school course. If you would like to register your interest for when we can re-start, please ring reception on 01367 710595.

Our head nurse Yasmin holds puppy pre-school classes on Wednesday afternoons from 5pm and we encourage all our clients with new pups to come along.

We hold three sessions per course, and we try to get a group of puppies to come along who can complete the course together. It’s amazing how this often makes them friends for life and they recognise each other for years afterwards.

The aims of our puppy pre-school are:

  • To provide a safe, friendly environment to encourage acceptable social behaviour.

  • To build confidence in your puppy so vet trips are less stressful.

  • To help expose your puppy to as many different positive experiences as possible during this very important time in their life.

Throughout the classes we will provide advice and help in worm and flea control, diet, basic training, tips and tricks and insurance. You just need to bring your puppy, some of their favourite treats and a poo bag!

Please call us on 01367 710595 to let us know if you can join us. Children are welcome but we would appreciate it if you could let us know in advance, as we don’t have room for lots of people! We look forward to seeing you.