In-House Diagnostics

In-house diagnostic facilities to help us to speedily diagnose potential issues in our patients, including x-ray, ultrasound, K-laser and in-house lab.


We have an x-ray machine with a digital processor to enable us to take good quality x-rays of your pet to help us diagnose some conditions.

We carry out checks on breeding animals to check for inherited conditions such as hip or elbow dysplasia or a tendency towards spinal issues.

It may also mean that sometimes, if your pet needs specialist treatment, we can send x-rays to referral vets first which saves time and gets you to the right specialist more quickly.


We have an ultrasound which allows us to look at the structures inside your pet’s abdomen and sometimes in their chest. This can often mean that we don’t have to operate in order to examine certain organs and is much less stressful for your pet.

Our ultrasound is not as powerful as the ones that you see in hospitals, which cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, so we don’t get the absolute clarity that you would expect from human sonography.

However our images do help us diagnose conditions and are certainly great for showing up puppies and kittens!

In-house laboratory

Our state of the art, in-house laboratory is one of the most important parts of our practice.

We can run your pet’s blood through our analysers to get routine haematology and biochemistry results within 15 minutes, measuring a total of 30 different parameters – far faster than you get at the doctors!

This allows us to progress with your pet’s diagnosis on the same day, helping to relieve their discomfort and hopefully reduce the amount of time that you have to worry.

Our urinalysis machine means we can perform routine tests on urine to a high, computerised standard. This amazing machine gives us results in just 90 seconds so that we don’t have to keep you or your pet waiting.

We also have a microscope which allows us to look below the surface on skin complaints – there’s nothing quite like watching a chyletiella mite waving through the lens at you! – and also to check urine samples for stones or casts.