We believe consultations are important to monitor the health of your pet, and to allow them to become friends with our vets and nurses.

We offer consultations Monday to Saturday with either a vet or a nurse. To make an appointment, please call 01367 710595.

We do not offer walk-in surgeries as we have found that pets, particularly cats and rabbits, become increasingly stressed when they are forced to queue for long periods of time. For their sake, please try not to arrive too early so that they can be in the car park for the shortest amount of time.

On arrival at the practice, please wear any PPE such as a mask if required by the current restrictions, and report to reception by phoning from the car park. Please stay in your car until one of us comes to fetch your pet. On a warm day you may wish to stand in the shade to one side of the car park.

There is no need to accompany your pet into the practice, and one thing we found during the Covid lockdowns was how relaxed so many pets were when they came into the surgery unaccompanied. We are very gentle with all our patients and we give them time to have a look round and a good sniff before we start to examine them.

If you choose to remain in the car park, a nurse or a vet will go through some questions with you about your pet and their medical history before taking your pet into the practice. If you elect to come into the practice, and the current restrictions and our practice policy allow this, 

then we will take a history from you once indoors.

The vet or nurse will examine your pet and pop back out to ask additional questions if necessary. We will ask your permission before taking any tests, will discuss our findings with you and make our recommendations as to the next best step. We will then return your pet to you and dispense any medication that is required.

A receptionist will then bring the card machine outside and you can pay your bill, if one has been raised, and make a follow up appointment if required. We can take cash or cheque if you prefer.

Please note that our building is small, and we struggle to keep socially distanced from our clients. Depending on the current NHS recommendations, we may ask you not to come into the building. Please respect our staff if this is the case.