Pre-operative guidelines for your cat

To ensure that your cat is ready for admission, and procedures run smoothly on the day please follow the following instructions.

No food should be given after 10pm the night before surgery but water should be readily available overnight. This is important and if you do accidentally feed your cat it may lead to the operation being postponed. The exception is kittens under 5 months of age who may be offered a small meal up to 7am on the morning of their operation.

Please bring your cat to the surgery at the correct appointment time on the morning of the operation. They should be as clean and dry as possible in preparation for going into an operating theatre.

Before any anaesthetic or surgical procedures can begin we must, by law, have a consent form completed. This will need to be signed by the owner or an agent acting on the owner’s behalf, and they must be over the age of eighteen. One of our nurses or vets will run through the form and explain everything to you before we ask you to sign the form. Please do ask questions at admission – we want you to be confident that you understand what we are going to do and why we have made certain recommendations.

We will require a contact number where we can reach you all day, or if you are unavailable, an agent who can act on your behalf. We need this just in case we have to speak to you about treatment or we find something unexpected and require your permission to act upon it. It is important that we are able to contact someone all day and once your cat’s procedure is complete one of our nurses will call you with an update.

All invoices must be paid when you collect your cat, unless otherwise previously agreed with the Practice. If your cat is covered by an insurance policy, please bring a signed claim form with you so that we can process your claim as quickly as possible.

A post-operative care sheet will be given to you when you collect your cat from the surgery.

If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the surgery on 01367 710595


All pets in this practice are anaesthetised with the safest and most modern veterinary anaesthetics as standard, reducing risks to a minimum. Please expect some areas of your cat to be gently shaved to allow medication to be given and monitoring equipment to be used.

To make this procedure safer for your cat you may also like to consider the following:

Pre-anaesthetic blood tests:

You may want to consider your cat having a pre-operative blood profile performed immediately prior to surgery, to establish any underlying conditions that may affect our choice of anaesthetic and to pick up on any unexpected abnormalities. We especially recommend this for cats over 9 years of age or those who are unwell at the time of admission; the cost of this blood test is £74.06.

Intravenous fluids:

Your vet may also recommend that we place your cat onto intravenous fluids to maintain their blood pressure during the procedure, to protect sensitive organs and to help flush out the anaesthetic drugs post-operatively.

K-Laser Therapy:

We have a special laser which will improve healing and reduce pain and inflammation after surgery. During laser treatment the infrared light penetrates through the skin and interacts with the tissues at the cellular level. This increases the metabolic activity within the cell, improves the transport of nutrients across the cell membranes and speeds up the normal functions of the tissue cells helping everything get back to normal more quickly. In a few cases we can’t use Laser Therapy but your admitting nurse will be able to advise you. The cost of post-operative laser therapy is £21.65.